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Best activities in Rishikesh

Cliff Jumping:-  Cliff jumping is a milder version of this adventure sport.  Though the activity involves jumping from a 30-40 ft high cliff, the height can be selected by the person who wishes to indulge in this activity as per their strength. The experience of jumping from the cliff and taking a dive in the chilled water of River Ganga will surely be your moment of a lifetime. When in Rishikesh, you really can’t miss indulging in this exciting activity.

Professional instructors will be with you as you climb up the rock and reach the jumping platform. A helmet and life jacket will be given to you for safety reasons. As soon as you reach the jumping platform, you will feel that air of thrill. And as you jump off the cliff, the raft awaits on the banks of the river.



River Rafting:- A raft is basically an expansive boat which you can easily paddle through the rough waters as well as rapids. This water sport allures thousands of tourists from all around. Rishikesh offers a thrilling opportunity to raft down the River Ganga. Rafting right amid rocky mountains, taking all the freshness of the green surroundings and enjoying as the water caresses your face, what could be better? One could feel their heart beat pumping as they move across the gushing water of River Ganga at Rishikesh.

Rishikesh offers this adventurous sport from the month of September to June every year. During these months, the water of River Ganga is perfect for rafting; it is neither too wild nor entirely calm.


Kayaking:-  Kayaks have become an increasingly popular means of enjoying sporting and leisure boating activities. Kayaking is an excellent way to exercise and relax at the same time. A person sits upright in a kayak with legs extended to the front into the hollow hull. A double-bladed paddle is used for propulsion. Kayakers pull their crafts through the water by paddling with left and right strokes. A kayaker wears a life vest and, sometimes, a protective helmet. Waterproof spray skirts may also be worn. Spray skirts fit around the upper torso of the kayaker and attach to the deck around the cockpit opening to prevent water from splashing into the cockpit when navigating rough water.


Bungee- jumping:- Bungee Jumping is one of the most challenging adventure activities. This activity is perfect for those adventure enthusiasts who live life without fear. During this activity, a person is harnessed to the wire that dives from an altitude of around 220 to 273 ft. On release, the wire takes the person down to the river level and then goes back up. The speed of rushing down slowly accelerates upto speed of 160 km ph. This activity offers you a thrilling experience as you fall free at such high speed. This one is surely one among the top things to do in Rishikesh.


Swing:- Swing is a popular adventurous activity that involves jumping from a bungee platform which comes with a seat and chest harness that is further connected to fixed wire ropes. To perform this activity.

Though the activity may look a bit scary at first, the entire experience of the swing is breathtaking. This activity can be performed alone or by two people at a time. A person is set on a seat and harness which is connected to the fixed wire ropes. On jump from the platform, the ropes smoothly swing the person like a pendulum. The entire experience of the swing is exhilarating. As soon as the activity is completed, jumpers are lowered down to a drop zone in the river.


Flying Fox:- Flying fox is one thrilling activity which makes us fly high in the sky. The activity can be carried out by two or three people at one time. The activity can also be performed alone. A great blend of thrill and adventure, Flying Fox is a must on the list of adventurous activities in Rishikesh.

In this activity, a hard wire is fixed from one end of the valley to the other. A kilometer long, this wire has a large apparatus attached to it. People performing the activity are harnessed to this apparatus which is released to gravity running on the wire from the height of 120 mts. This further helps to achieve a speed of 160 kmph. You move through the air at such a high such high speed that you could feel your heart throbbing.


Waterfall Trekking:-  Waterfall Trekking activity takes you closer to nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Waterfall trekking is a great option for all those who love trekking and nature. This activity can- be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

There are a number of hidden waterfalls in and around Rishikesh. However, these hidden treasures are not easily accessible. To reach these waterfalls, one has to trek. This is an exciting activity which takes you through the unexplored areas of Rishikesh which are set amid those green surroundings. As you walk through the narrow trails around Rishikesh, you may also get to see exotic wildlife of Uttarakhand.
Some beautiful waterfalls around Rishikesh are Neergadh Waterfall, Garud Chatti Waterfall and Patna Waterfall. All these waterfalls are immensely beautiful and promise a refreshing experience to all the trekkers.


Rappelling:- Rappelling is an exciting sport where a person descends the terrains from a height. When in Rishikesh, one really cannot miss plunging in this sport. Professional instructors and advanced gear helps you to complete this activity. Gloves, harness, ropes, sling and helmet are provided during the performance of this activity. You are always under the eye of experts who ensure that you are safe. This sport is safe and is filled with tons of fun which promises you an experience of a lifetime.

All geared up, you move down those high terrains, isn’t it exciting? This exciting sport has its own challenges. As you descend a steep rock relying just on your gear and courage, the thrill will speak out loud. When trained under the right instructors, people can have a lot of fun during this activity.
There are a number of ways in which people can enjoy this activity. The most common and fun of all the ways is the one in which you need to stand parallel to the ground with legs facing the steep cliff. With this way, people can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings.


Mountail Biking:-  This activity is for those who wish to ride through the challenges and test their capabilities. Mountain biking is one of the most popular adventure activities of Rishikesh which involves riding bicycles over rough terrains using mountain bikes. It makes an adventurer paddle across picture perfect landscapes, rough terrains and more which is nothing less than an amazing experience.

For this one of a kind experience, one needs to have great stamina, focus, balance, endurance and bike handling skills. While you paddle through those snaky roads, enjoy the glimpses of those lush green meadows and local villages. It is one of the best activities where you can explore the wonders of nature in the best manner.

Body Surfing:- Body surfing is done with a pair of swim fins, you can also carry accessories like hand paddles, hand guns, wave blades etc. These accessories will assist to get a better positioning on the wave face and you will also gather up extra speed. Though body surfing can be done without swim fins too, being finned during the activity will only make it more enjoyable and fun. One of the most sought after leisure activities in Rishikesh, body surfing uses some techniques. Adventure lovers need not worry about it, as there are expert surfers to give you an introduction to this light adventure sport. Some basic techniques used in this activity are tucking the body and diving back down. The best part about this activity is that you have the control to steer yourself while surfing in the river. 




Tourist is advised is not to carry any precious items while in tour.
Tourist can enroll his/her names for the tours by paying initial advance. The balance amount must reach Delhi Office at least 5 days before scheduled departure of the tour without waiting for reminder from our side. If the full amount is not paid in the time the company reserves the right to cancel the bookings with consequent loss of deposit and apply the cancellation charges.
Tourist travel at their own risk. Neither the tour operator nor their representative or staff accept any liability or responsibility for an kind of risk, theft, delay, damages, loss, injury, accident, death etc. during their tour howsoever it might have caused.
The operator has also right to cancel at any time any or all the tours announced without assigning any reason whatsoever. In such case the operator's responsibility will be only to refund the amount by such passengers, without any compensation whatsoever.
The hotels are subject to change without prior notice.
The seats in the bus are allotted on "first comr first serverd basis" at the time of booking of the tour.
If there is any loss or damage by any passengers to the property of the hotel, bus, tour, operator or any other concerned parties or person during the tour then such passengers have to compensate the concerned parties or person for the same immediately.
During sightseeing we will take the bus /car up to the point it is allowed or can be taken. There offer if any vehicle or other arrangements are to be made then the expenses should be paid by the passengers only.
Timings mentioned in the itinerary for the bus/car tour are only estimated time for the sake of knowledge. There are always chances of delay in arrival at the destination due to various reasons.
Refunds, if any, will be given after a periods of ten days from the date of claim. Refunds will be paid only by cheque and only against receipts.
Due to unavoidable circumstanmces, if there is aloes in the stay of hotel or sightseeing or missed then no refund will be granted to the passengers in this respect.
If any passengers decide to break their journey after commencement of the tour, they can do so, but no refund for the balance periods of the tour will be granted to them and their all onwards journey arrangements will be the sole responsibility of such passengers only.
All disputes /legal claims subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.
20 Days or More days before departure of Tour 10% on Full amount
10 days before departure tour 25% on full amount.
06 days before departure of tour 40% on full amount.
Within 04 days before departure of tour :No Refund. 


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